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aftermath... barnsex and horse poo

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Jun. 30th, 2007 | 07:10 pm
location: barn
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: horses munching hay in stalls

Andi went to run after Tonks as the child bolted despondently from the barn... and realized she did not have any shoes on. Her boots were inconveniently back in the haystrewn stall where Regulus had so hastily thrown them. She ran to retrieve them.

By the time she made her way back to the aisle her child was long gone... leaving her portly pony unattended. The little beast had a reptuation for being a bottomless pit and was currently living up to this reputation... making his way from stall to stall pilfering the grain bits that were left in the food buckets. She sighed and retrieved the pony, dragging him away from his midday snack. She would have to find her daughter soon and smooth things out.

Drat her cousin. Seriously, did Regulus really have to be so bloody mean to her daughter? What could he possibly benefit from by picking on a six year old? She would definitely have to have a conversation with Reg about Tonks. She did not cherish the idea of constantly running interference between a nineteen year old man and a six year old child. Merlin... She was going to have to send that man an owl and lay down some laws about the protocol for dealing with her child.

Andi began to drag Butterball down the aisle to exit the barn in search of his paddock when she came upon a stunned riding instructor.

Uh oh. She had forgotten about him. Blankly she stared at the out of commission man while trying to figure out what to do with him. Her pony friend immediately began nibbling on the man's trousers. There was no way she was returning to what Regulus had so deviantly interrupted. She was spent.

Without a sideways glance at the instructor she marched past him, dragging the pony behind her, his mouth full of trousers. Halfway down the aisle she flippantly retrieved her wand from her waistband and once again without looking, pointed it behind her and halfheartedly mouthed Rennervate. There was a loud thump as the instructor crumpled to the floor. She sighed, replaced her wand and once again dragging the pony, strode out of the dark barn into the bright sun.

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