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get me out of here

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Feb. 1st, 2008 | 02:32 am
location: The French Riviera
music: the endless crazy chatter of seagulls

if i have to deal with ONE MORE minute of this bloody seaside town, i'm going to implode.

where the hell is the drink boy!???

Andi sighed theatrically as she sat, bored to tears in a deck chair on the veranda of a highly posh seaside hotel. The drink in her hand was nearly empty and she hadn't seen a cabana boy in over a half hour. Didn't it figure that she had to retrieve her own drinks on holiday? She rued the day she let Narcissa talk her into this wintertime vacation. Already finished with the pile of reading she had brought with her, she had grown tired of the flimsy excuse of a nightlife in this seaside nightmare. She was ready to go home.

Sitting up slightly in her chair, she flipped back her oversized sun shades to get a better glimpse of her daughter, frolicking in the waves only a few meters away. "Nymphadora! Get your things together... time to head back to the room." Her child's face fell to the ground. Tonks was having a splendid time here... but Andi had enough of sand in her clothes and watered down drinks. She needed to get back to London. She needed to ride her horse and catchup on... well everything. And first on her list was to see what her dear cousin Regulus was up to.

She reached for her bag and removed a quill and parchment.
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