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Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Hell hath no fury like a redheaded banshee scorned

Andromeda Black
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My name is Andromeda Black.
Middle sister and wallflower no more.

Get this straight...
No, I am not married anymore.
Yes, I still have the kiddo.
No, I will not scratch your back.

Don't call me. I'll find you.
Trust me... i will find you.

And if you want some, you better be able to pay for it.
In more ways than one.

**Faint of heart need not apply.

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black liquorice, blindfolds, candles and wax, cedar, crisp white shirts, dark and mysterious, doing it against walls, extra hot showers, fire, freshly cut grass, hoodies, horses, lemon hardcandy, odd numbers, proper posture, pushing buttons, pyrokenesis, rain, revenge, rough and tumble, satin sheets, schoolmasters with switches, seeing him from behind, shiraz, silence, six year old metamorphagi, slower than slow dancing, stargazing, steve miller, strict lovers, surpise attacks, taking turns, tequilla, vulnerability, wildflowers, will kill for chocolate